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Data Recovery And Data Transfer


In many cases we can recover data from your drives, even if it has been deleted, or your computer will not boot. Lost Data

Virus Checks And Malware Irradication


We can irradicate most types of malware and restore your computer to a working condition. Malware Removal

Open Source (FREE) Software


Software that is free! Developed by enthusiasts who want the best. These programs are often as good - or better - than the pay for equivelents Free Software



If you want to set up or maintain a network of any size, our CISCO qualified engineers will gladly advise you of the best way to achieve your networking goals. Networking

Data Backup


Remove the worry of losing data - even if your computer fails. Data backup or even whole system backup offer a painless way to recover from data loss. Data Backup

Computer Repair in Oldbury

Labrador Computers aims to provide clients with a no nonsense, competitive, and reliable computer upgrade and repair service. We can supply you with all of your hardware requirements, or, if you prefer, supply you with a ready built system. We can also custom build a system to your own specifications.


We are able to respond quickly to all requests for help, whether it is for an on site PC repair, disaster recovery, building new systems, the installation of a new sound or graphics card, or the supply of new software. Based close to Birmingham, we are able to secure a wide variety of computer parts from a large selection of suppliers at a competitive price.

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For orders and enquiries please e-mail your enquiry or phone on 0121 680 9799 or mobile number 07773 277 845.

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