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If you want to set up or maintain a network of any size, our CISCO qualified engineers will gladly advise you of the best way to achieve your networking goals. Networking

Virus Checks And Malware Irradication


We can irradicate most types of malware and restore your computer to a working condition. Malware Removal

Data Backup


Remove the worry of losing data - even if your computer fails. Data backup or even whole system backup offer a painless way to recover from data loss. Data Backup

Data Recovery And Data Transfer


In many cases we can recover data from your drives, even if it has been deleted, or your computer will not boot. Lost Data

Open Source (FREE) Software


Software that is free! Developed by enthusiasts who want the best. These programs are often as good - or better - than the pay for equivelents Free Software

Virus And Other Malware Removal

The fact that you are reading this over an Internet connection demonstrates that your computer is under threat from viruses and other forms of malware. An internet connection is all it takes for these nasty bits of code to access your computer - you dont even have to be looking at a web site to "catch" them. And you often dont know your a victim until its too late.

Viruses are a constant threat to any computer. They can cause a lot of damage to your data, from deleting one file to completely erasing all of the data on your system. They can cause your system to restart without warning, cause strange video effects to happen, and a host of other symptoms. Viruses are also able to spread to other computers your computer "talks" to - for instance if you share a file, or a tune with a friend, or if you have your computer networked to another computer.

Other malware such as Adware can slow your machine to almost a halt as they use your systems resources, or cause "pop-ups" to appear on your screen advising you that the stuff they want you to buy is better than what you want and is on special offer.

Perhaps the most worrying is Spyware. This sort of malware can spy on the web sites you visit, read the "user names" and "passwords" of sites you log on to, and can help criminals to clone your identity.

Labrador Computers can help remove all of these from your system and restore a non-working system to a fully working state, restoring the speed lost due to the malwares activity. We provide a report as to how many viruses were found and what the best course of action would be to defend against them in the future. However, if a file has been destroyed or altered due to virus activity, it is possible that we cannot restore the file. If you are worried about losing data, why not subscribe to our Data Backup Service. Read more about this by clicking here.

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