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Data Backup


Remove the worry of losing data - even if your computer fails. Data backup or even whole system backup offer a painless way to recover from data loss. Data Backup

Open Source (FREE) Software


Software that is free! Developed by enthusiasts who want the best. These programs are often as good - or better - than the pay for equivelents Free Software

Data Recovery And Data Transfer


In many cases we can recover data from your drives, even if it has been deleted, or your computer will not boot. Lost Data



If you want to set up or maintain a network of any size, our CISCO qualified engineers will gladly advise you of the best way to achieve your networking goals. Networking

Virus Checks And Malware Irradication


We can irradicate most types of malware and restore your computer to a working condition. Malware Removal

Price Policy, Quotes and Orders.

Service And Upgrades

Our standard charge is £60 (plus the cost of parts required) per repair. This is regardless of how long the repair takes. Upgrades are usually done on site, but fault diagnosis can be more troublesome and take more time so we might ask to take your machine to our workshop. If we need to take your equipment away our aim is to get your repair done and your machine back with you within a week - but it is usual for us to repair your equipment on site. If extra costs are needed to repair your machine then we will contact you before we go ahead so you are fully aware of the final cost and you can ask us to not continue with the repair if you think this is too much. Any previously arranged cost may still be be payable.


We are constantly looking for suppliers who will be both competitive in price, and deliver good quality, reliable products, and in a timely manner. The price of parts can vary a great deal from day to day. Thus, it is impossible for us to provide a fixed price list.


Our hands are tied here. We will not charge more for delivery than our suppliers charge us. At the time of writing, the most expensive delivery charge we incur from our supplier is £12. However, they can often supply parts MUCH cheaper than their competitors.

Quotes And Contacts

If you would like a quote on any item of hardware for your PC, please do not hesitate to contact us via

Telephone on land-line on (0121) 680 9799,

Mobile Phone (or text) on 07773 277845,

E-mail us at quotes@labradorcomputers.co.uk

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